District 21

On our recent trip to Putrajaya, we discovered another reason to return to the city on weekends — District 21, a post-apocalyptic themed indoor action adventure park. Our verdict after spending a full 8 hours at the park? Two thumbs up! Check it out for yourself…

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital, is not typically on our weekend destination list. Last weekend however, we made the trek down south to check out the hot air balloon festival. To be honest, the hot air balloons were not particularly impressive — only four flew, a few more just sat on the ground. The F&B area though, featuring Selangor valley’s food trucks, was quite a sight:

Snow Day in DC

An unexpected March snow storm on the last day of my DC trip gave me a chance to snap a few shots of a snow covered capital:

Dubai Marina

What do you do with a wide stretch of white sandy beach? Well, if you are Dubai, you build rows of high rise apartments next to it and put a mall right on top of it!

Dubai: Bastakiya

If the Burj Khalifa represents the future of Dubai, then the Bastakiya Quarter is a glimpse into its past…albeit a meticulously restored past.

Dubai: Burj Khalifa

On a recent trip to Washington DC for meetings, I stopped over in Dubai to break up the 20+ hour flight. 24 hours alone in a strange city — what to do? go on a photo walk of course! My first stop was the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world and symbol of the new Dubai. Just how tall is the Burj? well, it’s almost as tall as the two Petronas towers stacked on top of one another. Yep, it’s pretty tall.

Penang Revisited

Over our long weekend in Ipoh, we made a quick trip to our favorite island on the peninsular — Penang.

Lost World of Tambun

The main attraction on our Ipoh trip for Ting Ting was Lost World of Tambun, a theme (mostly water) park located just outside the town:

Ipoh: Mural Arts Lane

In a quiet lane tucked between Jalan Masjid and Jalan Sultan Iskandar in Ipoh, you will find a large collection of murals depicting the different cultures of Malaysia. For someone who’s a bit obsessed with street art, this outdoor gallery is a little slice if heaven…

Ipoh: Old Town

Ipoh, while not quite as well-known as Penang or Malacca, is a fascinating destination in its own right. Good food, great coffee, interesting history, and the recent addition of street art makes Ipoh a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.


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