Before making our big move back to the US, we took one last family holiday in the Indonesian island paradise Bali…

Krabi, Thailand

With our departure only a few weeks away, we decided to take full advantage of our remaining time by squeezing in a couple more trips. First up, Krabi:

Sarawak Cultural Village

If you want to experience the indigenous cultures of Sarawak but don’t have the time to go deep into the jungle for a few nights stay at a long house and hang out an Iban tribe, then the Sarawak Cultural Village is a pretty reasonable substitute. It’s a living museum, and in many ways, it reminded me of the Polynesian Cultural Center in Hawaii.

Bako National Park

Part of the draw for Kuching is the abundance of nature activies that are within easy reach of the city. Bako National Park, a forest reserve at the mouth of the Bako and Kuching Rivers, is a prime example. From Kuching, it’s about a 45min drive to Bako Jetty, and from there, a 15min boat ride to the park entrance. Depending on the amount of time you have, you can choose trails lasting anywhere from an hour to an entire day…

Kuching Waterfront

Over the past two years I’ve traveled to nearly every state in Malaysia, with one glaring omission — Sarawak. Last week, I finally managed to check off the largest state in Malaysia.  Like many before us, our trip began along the Kuching waterfront:

District 21

On our recent trip to Putrajaya, we discovered another reason to return to the city on weekends — District 21, a post-apocalyptic themed indoor action adventure park. Our verdict after spending a full 8 hours at the park? Two thumbs up! Check it out for yourself…

Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

Putrajaya, Malaysia’s administrative capital, is not typically on our weekend destination list. Last weekend however, we made the trek down south to check out the hot air balloon festival. To be honest, the hot air balloons were not particularly impressive — only four flew, a few more just sat on the ground. The F&B area though, featuring Selangor valley’s food trucks, was quite a sight:

Snow Day in DC

An unexpected March snow storm on the last day of my DC trip gave me a chance to snap a few shots of a snow covered capital:

Dubai Marina

What do you do with a wide stretch of white sandy beach? Well, if you are Dubai, you build rows of high rise apartments next to it and put a mall right on top of it!

Dubai: Bastakiya

If the Burj Khalifa represents the future of Dubai, then the Bastakiya Quarter is a glimpse into its past…albeit a meticulously restored past.


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